Screening venue: UP Film Institute

UP Film Insititute Videotheque

University of the Philippines Film Institute

University of the Philippines Film Institute
Magsaysay and Osmena Streets, Diliman, Quezon City

The UP Film Institute of the premier state university is the only internationally-accredited academic institution in the country offering film courses for both undergraduate and master’s degrees. It is attached to the UP College of Mass Communication.

Established in March 2003 by the UP Board of Regents, the UPFI merges two units: the former UP Film Center and the Film and Audiovisual Communication Department of the UP College of Mass Communication.

The UPFI’s academic programs aim to contribute to the development of genuinely Filipino national cinema by producing graduates with a well-rounded liberal arts education as well as creative and technical skills and a keen sense of social responsibility. It seeks to instill increased professionalization in Philippine film practice and upgrade local film scholarship.

The MA Media Studies in Film Program focuses on the study of film vis-á-vis the increasingly urgent issues of globalization and new media technologies as it provides Filipino scholars with a means of closely inspecting and evaluating film as a complex social, cultural and economic phenomenon.

The UPFI also operates the Cine Adarna, an 800-seat university cinema that screens quality films free from censorship and programmed for purposes of varied studies and broadened appreciation of cinematic arts.

The Cine Adarna, a veritable art cinema unique in the whole country showing different film titles every day, lines up distinctive programs the whole year round.

The theater is also a regular venue for various international film programs designed by different embassies and other cultural institutions.

Under its Extension Program, the UPFI conducts regular workshops, seminars, exhibits and other film-related events and activities under the university’s mandate to promote film literacy and appreciation in the country and as a supplement to institute’s academic and research thrusts.

The UPFI is the only academic institution in the country that is a member of CILECT, the International Association of Film and Television Schools.


Phone: 02 926 2722 · 02 926 3640

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