Sine Bahaghari presents ‘Señorita’ by Vincent Sandoval

Señorita (2011)

Director: Vincent Sandoval
Official website:

Far from the maddening crowd of Manila, Sofia (Vincent Sandoval), formerly a high class transsexual sex worker, starts anew as Donna. She then helps Pepe Holganza, a doctor in Talisay, in his mayoralty bid to topple over the town’s regime. By grooming Doc Pepe as the messiah of Talisay (both the name and the setting a probable Rizal reference), with all his ideals of a morally conscious governance and the ever-present promise of eradicating corruption, along with taking care of a friend’s son, Sofia finds a chance to redeem herself, establishing a personality that erases any hint of her past. But her past is not through with her.

Señorita premiered at the 64th Locarno Film Festival.

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