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Sine Bahaghari at The Collective Art Fair.

On Saturday, Sine Bahaghari will be among the participants to the first The Collective Art Fair. Several artists and entrepreneurs will gather at The Collective for a day filled with art, music, books, clothes, movies, and food.

At Kanto, Sine Bahaghari will be screening two short films by Sigrid Bernardo: “Little”, an internationally-acclaimed film which was only shown once in the Philippines, and “Babae”, a favorite among LGBT film screenings. They will be followed by the noir-ish “Señorita” by Vincent Sandoval.

For the fair, Sine Bahaghari will be selling the soundtrack of “Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa”, DVDs of “Ang Panggagahasa kay Fe” signed by Irma Adlawan, and Sine Bahaghari shirts and bags. The fair will also have tarot readers available, courtesy of the Tarot Monkey, SP Lovecraft Productions, and Yam Lacaba.

Participating artists and merchants include:

Yadu 612
Vinyl on Vinyl
Kaffir Southeast Asian Restaurant and Deli
wabi sabi noodle house
Offbeat Cafe
Longboards Manila
lilwhims Polaroid Cameras
Homeroom 7274
Sine Bahaghari
The Antithesis Collective
Bookay Ukay
Bite Size Accessories
Alunsina Handbound Books
Naranja Coffee and Canvas Bags
Gâteau d’Agnès
Hey Kessy
Sapin Sapin Tanzan Accessories
Spidersilk Productions
Dr. Sketchy’s
Micheline Rama
Gallery Bohemia
Planetary Healing Project
Art Canvas
Mideo Cruz
Asterisk Pigment
Philippine Street Plan
Artiststudio (Derwent & Pebeo)

The Collective Art Fair will be on February 25, from 11 AM to 8 PM.

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Sine Bahaghari presents ‘Lovebirds’ by Roni Bertubin

Lovebirds (2008)

Director: Ronaldo Bertubin

A young man found love with his Spanish chatmate who decided to fly to Manila and meet him. The chatmate turned out to be another man, to the surprise and disbelief of the former’s conservative mother. This romantic-comedy stars Joseph Izon, Andrés Alexis, Tommy Abuel, and Boots Anson-Roa.

Lovebirds was screened at the Chicago International Film Festival, Mostra Valencia International Film Festival, and the Wildsound Film Festival.

Lovebirds will be screened on Friday, 24 February at Cinema is Incomplete.

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